Wine in the blender—best aerator ever??

It's ironic. We wine drinkers go through so much trouble to protect our wine all all costs from things like vibration, light exposure, temperature, etc. But then when we open the wine we go through all kinds of lengths to expose the wine to the very things we were moments ago trying to protect it from!

Of course we use things like wine flasks and aerators to mix a bunch of air into the wine to help oxyegenate the wine and surface the magical aromas and flavor nuances so we can better enjoy what the wine has to give.

So what happens when we discover that the wine we have purchased with our hard earned money turns out to not taste so good. :( Well, today I explore the idea of doing the TURBO version of using a wine aerator—putting the wine in your kitchen blender!! Here's how it goes. Cheers!