To Coravin or Not to Coravin, That is the Question

For me, Coravin seemed to be something only wine bars, sommeliers and wine industry folks used or had. It never seemed approachable to me. I also didn’t understand how you could have a great bottle and make it last more than a day or two. That last one is a personal problem/issue that I share with a lot of my friends.

Things all changed when I realized my wine collection was growing and I was still buying wine to drink instead rather than opening a bottle I already had. ‘Why is that?’ You may ask. I really didn’t want my palate to get to the point where I upped the cost of my weekday wine drinking. I also didn’t want to open a bottle and then end up not being able to finish it before it went bad. The Coravin solves this issue by allowing me to have just a glass of my wine from my cellar instead of the full bottle. I no longer need to open the entire bottle and worry about it going bad or drinking the entire thing on a Tuesday. Don’t get me wrong, there are days when that cork needs to be popped! For the rest of the week this solution works for me and it keeps my nutritionist off my back. I get my wine in a reasonable quantity and my nutritionist doesn’t see it reflected in the numbers when I check in.

I have had my Coravin for a few months now and I can honestly say I use it several times a week if not every day. I have stopped buying “Weekday” wine and I can drink the good stuff I have by the glass like at a wine bar. Plus, I get that bottle to spread out over a week or two - longer if needed - but I haven’t had the restraint to get past that point. Washington wine month just happened where I featured a different wine each night, the Coravin got put to the test for sure. I had over 12 bottles in various levels of consumption. Had I not had the Coravin I would have had a glass each night and gave the bottle away or worse tossed it if it went bad before I could revisit it. I opened one of the bottles last night that was down to the last glass+ and the wine tasted GREAT.

The Coravin system is easy to use, clean and maintain. There are 3 different needles that you can choose to use depending on the cork you are using, the pour you want and how patient you are with how fast it pours. Red, White or Rose - it works if it isn’t a wine with bubbles. Sorry bubble lovers this solution isn’t going to help that addiction!

I had heard rumors earlier this year that Coravin was making a Screw Cap adapter to allow one Aussie crazed wino to enjoy the screw cap bottles in her cellar. It is not only a reality, it is freaking awesome! How does it work you are thinking? Coravin made a screw cap adapter that you put on the bottle that the normal Coravin tool works with. Easy Peasy – grab the Coravin Cap Adapter in one hand and quickly - and I mean quickly - open the wine and replace the cap with the adapter. You need to do this swiftly and without moving the bottle or disrupting it. Now the haters out there will tell you that this doesn’t work as you will let air in. But if you do this right its quick and painless and the wine doesn’t even notice. I have this currently on 2 bottles that are over a month old. The glasses I have poured have been great, I am pushing to get this to 3 months to test it out. Each adapter is good for 50 punches with the Coravin tool.

For those contemplating to Coravin or not to Coravin I can tell you mine is worth every penny and I use it so much more than I thought I would when I bought it. I realize for some it doesn’t make sense but for those looking for a way to find a happy middle ground and enjoy great wine during the week without the pressure of finishing the bottle before it goes bad – this is your solution!