Launches Tasting Events Feature

With the Tasting Events feature you can create your own wine tasting event page with a list of the wines you'll be serving at your event. You get a custom link to send to all your guests. Guests score each of the wines with our fun and easy-to-use scoring screen and everyone gets to see eachother's scores realtime as each person drinks and scores the wine.

For Wine Shops, Wineries, and Event Planners
You’ll deepen your guest’s experience with each wine you’re serving and increase your sales.

People love it! They have a memorable experience together, and engage on a deeper level with each of the wines you serve. Their likelihood to buy wine increases dramatically.

For Your Dinner Parties
Inject a super fun ingredient into your get-together.

It creates a lively experience around the wines you serve, people comparing notes, learning about each other’s tastes, and making lasting memories.

Creating an Event only takes a couple minutes:

  1. Enter an Event Title and Intro
  2. Use your phone camera to add the Wines for your Tasting Event
  3. Share the Tasting Event link with your guests

It's super easy. Feel free to Try it now: