About Winetracker.co

Winetracker.co is a visual wine tracking app for any wine drinker. Users snap photos of the wine they drink to create a full-screen catalogue of their wine drinking history. It’s quick, beautiful, and easy. Access it in any modern web browser from mobile devices and desktops.

Lower down this page is a Sneak Peek video of the Winetracker.co Application UI.

Please take a look. We’d LOVE to get your feedback—especially critiques. The main questions we are concerned about are:

  1. Whether or not you see yourself using it.
  2. If not, what does it need in order for you to use it?
  3. How likely you are to recommend to a friend? (1 to 10)
  4. Any other thoughts, questions, or critiques?

Thanks again for your interest in Winetracker.co!

Tony Jacobson, founder

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  • Lisa Bonacci

    Hi Tony and Tom – cool app!

    1.) Yes I can definitely see myself using it. I currently use Vivino to track wines but I’m not a huge fan of their user interface, so I’d definitely be willing to try something new.
    2.) I will use it =)
    3.) I would be very likely to recommend to a friend. I’ve done so with Vivino even though I don’t love their app, so if this is even better I’d love to convert them.
    4.) Couple questions – I assume this requires a log in of some sort, do you allow people to log in with popular social media sites? If you let me log in with Facebook without posting to my wall, that’s a huge plus. Also, when you look at “other people’s wines,” are you looking at “friends” or everyone in the world? An option to look at both (similar to the way that Pinterest does this) would be great. Another big deal for me would be an option to use a search box to help me find a logged wine quickly if I’m in a grocery store or something and don’t want to be flipping through all the pictures.

    I especially like the fact that you give wines a score. I find it hard to rate them on a score of 1-5 like other apps. Especially since wines vary so much. Example being that I consider Two Buck Chucks or Barefoot to be a good value for the super low price, but I feel just ridiculous for giving them a 5 out of 5 stars. A “Value” slider might be a nice slider to add too?

    For future development, it would be pretty cool if the app could give me recommendations based on previous wine I’ve consumed or tagged.

    • winetrackerco

      Hi Lisa. Thanks for the kudos. 🙂 Glad you like what you saw.

    • winetrackerco

      Regarding the Login question:

      We will initially have a regular login (without social logins) at first. And later as we get traction we’ll consider adding social login as well. (Google, Facebook, Twitter et al). Do you prefer social login over a traditional user account?

      • Lisa Bonacci

        Yes I definitely prefer social logins over traditional accounts – so much easier! Only thing I don’t like is when apps want to “post on my behalf”

        • winetrackerco

          We’ll put this on the list too. Thx!

    • winetrackerco

      Regarding viewing ‘Other Peoples Wine’ vs. just a group of people you choose to follow:

      When we first launch the product there will only be a small number of people using the app so we’ll have the feed be everyone. Then as the number increases we’ll add functionality to follow someone and create your own social graph of wine drinks.

      Would you find it valuable to have the ability to view all the wine your Facebook friends have drank?

      • Lisa Bonacci

        I think it would be great to be able to see both – a tab for everyone who’s using the app and a tab for just people I’ve chosen to follow.

        • winetrackerco

          We’ll definitely put that on the feature list. Thx for the insights.

    • winetrackerco

      Regarding the ‘…giving wines a score…”:

      Yes, the ability to have a fast, easy-to-use scoring tool, is our favorite part of the app and what we believe sets Winetracker.co apart. Having used the scoring tool for my own wine drinking as we’ve been building the app, it’s helped me get a great sense for what I like and don’t like. I also have been able to look back at my scoring notes and give people some killer recommendations of wines to try.

      I’m excited for you all to try it out!

    • winetrackerco

      Regarding the “Value” slider:

      Curious to know, would you prefer this to be a slider? Or would you rather have us calculate a “Value Score” based on having you type in the price of the wine in a separate field while scoring the wine?

      • Lisa Bonacci

        Value score based on the price typed in is even better than a value slider!

        • winetrackerco

          Good to know. Thx.

  • Brian Lee Elliott

    This looks amazing! I’m always forgetting the wines that I buy, or what I thought of them so I revert to the same old boring bottles.

    1) Yes, I will use it
    2) N/A
    3) 10
    4) What are the plans going forward that you mentioned? What does the future hold? 😉

    Best of luck you guys, super excited.

    • winetrackerco

      Thanks for the excitement and note, Brian. 🙂

      The plans we have for the future are to get it launched. 😉 And then, assuming we get traction we are looking into:
      1) Image recognition so we can auto-recognize the wine just from the photo of the label
      2) Have an infographic view of your wine drinking patterns so can see things like:
      – What is your favorite varietal
      – What country do your highest scoring wines come from
      – Surface trends about your wine drinking over time
      * It’ll be super fun to show and compare with friends whenever the subject of wine comes up.
      3) We’re also looking at adding additional data input (like price, winery, country, etc) as optional input you can add when scoring a wine. But we’ll make sure to keep the main functionality fast and simple. We’ve had a few people express great interest in some of the more richer data entry part of wine note taking.
      4) We also are going to take a look at partnering with online wine retailers and making seamless wine purchases available. After we get a certain amount of wines recorded by our users we’ll be able to look at offering recommendations based on trends we see in your wine drinking patterns.

      But first things first. Getting it launched.

      Thanks for the reply!

  • I really like the layout of this app and definitely see myself using it! As a regular wine drinker, it may be helpful to add Body and Finish categories to the rating page. Still using the slider, there would be three settings for each: light, medium, full for the body and short, medium, long for the finish. These are key tasting note elements that help determine what type of wine you’re looking for. I look forward to the launch!

    • winetrackerco

      Thanks for the feedback Kristiana!
      It’s a good idea about adding additional scoring attributes to track the additional attributes of the wine you drink. We’re considering adding an advanced scoring feature that allows you to do a secondary set of attributes. Finish and Body are great ideas.

      Would you also find a Sweetness/Dryness scale useful?

      • It would definitely be useful. I know you have a notes section designated for things like this, but i think the sweetness/dry scale will help the accuracy of the overall wine rating. Totally loving this and I look forward to the launch!

  • Guille Almadana

    Hi there!!! I really like the idea. For me could be interesting to have different folders where you can catagorise the different wines. Could be regions or grapes or styles. Looking forward for the launch!!!

    • winetrackerco

      Hmmm… interesting idea. I’ll add that to the list. 🙂 Thanks!

  • Kent Reynolds

    Interesting concept. I currently use Vivino and Wine Notes. I like Vivino’s image recognition feature and hope you will be able to add that. What I find most appealing in Winetracker.co is the score calculator. I’m used to scoring wines in Wine Notes, so I’m interested to see how your calculator compares.

    1) I see myself trying Winetracker.co when it launches.
    2) Aside from image recognition, I’d like to see the ability to sort by score. This is a feature in Wine Notes that I like, so I can more quickly remember which wines I liked most. Also, more fields for descriptors – if you’re not familiar with Wine Notes, take a look at their UI. I like the ability to select aromas and flavors from the dozens listed, and the ability to add more descriptors if needed.
    3) I’d say 10 on the recommendation to check it out. I can’t really say more until I have a chance to try it out.
    4) I’d like the ability to “follow” friends or power-users. Vivino has this feature, and I’ve found a number of new wines to try based on other people’s reviews. I prefer to follow only friends and a select group of power-users who have similar wine preferences to my own.

    It’s a bit of a hassle using two different apps, but Vivino has features I like that Wine Notes does not, and vice versa. If you could take the best of both Vivino and Wine Notes, and put them in your one app, you’d have a winner!

    • winetrackerco

      Re #1: Good to know. 🙂

    • winetrackerco

      Re #2: Sorting by score is definitely on the list. Glad to hear that it will be a valuable piece of functionality.

      I’ll take a look at Wine Notes. Thanks for the feedback on the ability to add all the other deeper elements of a given wine. We’re definitely going to look into how we can get that integrated.

    • winetrackerco

      re #3: Thanks. I’ll add you to the VIP list and make sure you’re one of the first to get to try it out. 🙂

    • winetrackerco

      re #4: We’ll definitely add the Social features you mentioned in a follow-on release. I like your intuition here. 🙂

      At first we want to have everyone test out the core feature of using Winetracker.co to track the wine they drink. Then building upon the success, we’ll add the layers of social functionality like you mentioned.

    • winetrackerco

      What’s been your experience with the reliability with Vivino’s image recognition? How often do you have to “help it out”?

      • Kent Reynolds

        Thanks for the detailed responses!
        I’ve only been using Vivino for about 4 months, and have had mixed results. Of readily available commercial wines, I’d estimate about 75% accuracy. When relying on user inputs, your accuracy is only as good as your user’s knowledge and accuracy. I’ve encountered some errors in winery name; especially imports; in which the wine’s trade name is entered instead of the winery, for example. The other common problem is the app will identify the correct winery, but the wrong varietal, which requires an edit.
        My other issue with Vivino, which frankly will probably occur with winetracker.co also, is that more than half my wines are from my membership in nakedwines.com, a crowd funded private label winery. Since these wines are only available to members, not through traditional retailers or wineries, many of them are not in the Vivino database. That said, I have found some Naked Wines in the database, and as more members use these apps, the more likely these wines willi be listed.
        Ideally, an app producer would have staff review and edit submissions. However, I imagine this would be a daunting task, especially once the app takes off in popularity!
        I’m looking forward to trying winetracker.co!

        • winetrackerco

          Thanks for sharing your experiences with Vivino. Our hope with Winetracker.co is that we remove all the friction. When drinking a wine we hope you’re use Winetracker.co to snap the pic, use the scoring sliders and then let you be “done” for the moment. Then at anytime you wish come back and add additional details about the wine.

          That way we keep it fast, simple and friction free in the moment.

          Later as we get popularity of use (hopefully 😉 ) we’ll use image recognition to link people’s wine together (if you and I both drank the same wine it’d be nice to be able to see a combined average “wisdom of the crowds” wine score).

          Anyways, back to work. We’ll keep you posted. Thanks for your time!

  • Andy C

    I will try Winetracker.co when it launches, curtrently am using Vivino. A couple of thoughts:
    1) I find the word aftertaste to have negative connotations (which may be the case if the wine is not good), but why wouldn’t you call that metric Finish? It was how you described it in the video, it just sounds better to me, but hey, I’m just one guy. You probably have done the research on what to call things.
    2) Plans to put up average pricing? Vivino helps me in assessing how good a deal someone is offering when I can see some pricing data.
    3) This seems to be a serious app for serious wine aficionados. Are there plans to add social media aspects like rankings, following others (wasn’t sure how the info on other people’s wines would hit my screen), badges, lists of popular and/or highly rated wines ? These types of things can clutter an app (and some might be more into the “game” than the subject matter at hand) but it does stimulate usage and more usage means more info in the database.

    • winetrackerco

      Thanks for the comments Andy!

    • winetrackerco

      Re: “Aftertaste vs. Finish”
      You’ve tapped into a good point of contention there. We’ve wrestled back and forth on what to label that aspect of drinking wine. ‘Finish’ is the proper term but does that term come across as snooty to the mainstream wine drinker? What do you think?

    • winetrackerco

      Re: “Average Pricing”
      Yes, definitely will be adding some more ‘meta data’ type attributes. BUT, you’ll be able to add those after the fact. The main 1) Take a pic, 2) Score the wine workflow will be the quick, easy primary action. And then we’ll add the ability to go in after the fact and add additional data points about the wine.

    • winetrackerco

      Re: “… seems to be a serious app for wine aficionados…”
      We’ve tried to target it as an easy, super fast, simple way to keep track of what you drink. (targeting mainstream wine drinkers) Do talking about the “Smell, Taste, Aftertaste, Overall Impression” with the sliders make it seem like something for aficionados?

    • winetrackerco

      Re: Adding things like social media, rankings, the ability to follow
      Yes, we’ll definitely be looking to add those in follow-on stages of the product. But, very much guarding the primary task of “The easiest way to keep track of the wine you drink.” That’s our prime directive. 🙂

  • SP

    I love the untappd app for beer would like something similar for wine.

    • winetrackerco

      Super cool. Thanks for the heads up on Untappd. I’ll check them out. 🙂 Cheers! Let me know if you have any other observations or thoughts.

  • Neville

    Will it be available on the Windows Phone platform?

    • winetrackerco

      Hi Neville,
      Yes, as long as the Windows phone is running Windows Phone 8 and using the IE10 browser Winetracker will run great.

      I’ll make sure to put it through it’s paces.

  • Garagiste

    Love the apparent ease of the App, here are a few things I would enjoy seeing that other wine tracker-type apps are missing:
    * when I drink a wine in a restaurant or bar, and it’s rockin, I’d love to find out where I can buy this wine – local. A link to the local wine shops that offer that wine, do they have it in stock, and what is approximate price. Or even if I read about this wine in a magazine etc, if Wine Tracker could help locate these wines (local) that would be ideal.
    * I’m shopping for wines at local store or chain (local wine shop, even Whole Foods and Costco), I’d love to be able to scan or take a picture of a wine there and get feedback from other users of the app on that wine before I make my purchase decision. So many wine buying episodes for me are a shot in the dark, sometimes you get lucky, other times not so much. Kinda of fun, but not always!

    • winetrackerco

      Thanks for the “apparent ease of the app” comment!

    • winetrackerco

      Re: link to local sellers of the wine you find in a restaurant (for example)

      That’s a great idea. I’ll add that to the feature list. I’ve been exploring different options for allowing people to buy wine they see on winetracker.co but hadn’t considered the use case you mentioned. Thanks!

    • winetrackerco

      Re: Ability to scan or take a photo in the store…

      That’s the magic use case. Wine searcher, Vivino, and Next Glass are all doing a pretty good job with that use case. Winetracker.co is definitely keeping it in mind, but where we add unique value is keeping track of what you drink (the after purchase experience).

  • Veronica Bisceglie

    I can see myself using this app-I love the UI and how simple you have kept it.

    A few ideas and notes:

    Any plan to add categories for wine in the cellar? It would be great to give people ability to organize by price point, where they bought it, recommendations, etc.

    “other peoples wines”—is it all users? will users be able to add friends eventually?

    What about adding a “tasting tips” section? i.e. what to look for in certain wines and how to identify certain characteristics per varietal.

    Can you change the rating you gave a wine after saving?

    Do your friends or other app users see your scores for each section as well as notes notes?

    Are you planning to release a paid version of the app with no ads?

    I also love the earlier suggestion to link to where it can be bought—might end up being a way to add revenue through partnerships too..

    Happy Drinking!

    • winetrackerco

      Thanks for the kudos!

      re: Ability to add categories, price point, purchase location, etc…
      Yes, I plan to add those into the product in a follow-on release. I want to get all the basic workflows ironed out first, then I’ll move to add features like that. I’ll share out some design comps for that in a few weeks. Would love to see what you think.

      • Veronica Bisceglie

        I am so excited to see how it looks!

    • winetrackerco

      re: “Other People’s Wines”
      At first it will be a feed of everyone’s wines, but I’ll quickly be adding features that allow you to follow specific people.

      Do you have a specific scenario you’d love to be able to accommodate by following a certain person or group of people?

      • Veronica Bisceglie

        it would be great to make it social obviously so you can connect and share with your friends, but also fun to be able to follow “power users” to get their recommendations, etc.

        • winetrackerco

          Oh cool. Thx for the clarifications. 🙂

    • winetrackerco

      re: “… Tasting Tips section…”
      Love that idea! I plan to build out lots more content on the site, and I’d love to incorporate at Tasting Tips body of content. Great thought!

    • winetrackerco

      re: “… Change a rating after saving…”
      Yes. For the initial beta, I might not have that feature ready, but it is on the short list. 🙂

    • winetrackerco

      re: “… do others see your scores…”
      Yes, there will be a public feed of all the wine scores in “Other People’s Wines”. I’ll have the score, username, time, general location, but no personal info. And eventually the ability for someone to follow you (more like Twitter than Facebook).

    • winetrackerco

      re: “… releasing a paid version of the app…”
      I’m still sorting through business models. Lots of options there. Subscriptions, Ads, ECommerce, Pro version of the app… ?

      Out of curiosity, if I were to charge a monthly subscription for the app how much would you pay?
      a) $4.99 / mo
      b) $2.99 / mo
      c) $.99 / mo
      d) no way

      • Veronica Bisceglie

        I would suggest a one time purchase fee for the app instead of monthly. free version is ad supported, paid version is $1.99.

        • winetrackerco

          Interesting. Thoughts. Thx!

          Just one quick clarification is that this is a mobile web app. It runs in a mobile browser (and equally well on your laptop or tablet too).

          • Veronica Bisceglie

            gotcha…makes sense regarding pricing then. perhaps a one time fee, or a yearly fee…would have to think on what that would be…

          • winetrackerco

            Good points. Thx!

  • Michelle

    I feel like there are just too many wine tracker or wine researcher apps out there already. I personally don’t think I would use this one I’m sorry to say. One that I WOULD use is one like the Untappd app for beer. You can search for the beer you are drinking, give it a simple rating 1-5 stars overall (no need for different categories), select the location I’m drinking said beer at from the list of nearby places, add a photo if I want, then post. Now app lists 3 similar beers I might like. In the general feed, I can see a stream of all beers being rated. I can also see how many Untappd users are at the place I’m at too. You do all of this to unlock fun badges in tons of different categories. Anyway, I don’t work for them or anything, but think their app is brilliant and as more of a wine lover, am craving an app like this for wine tasting, have a glass at happy hour, etc. You might want to check it out. I think people are looking for this kind of social app.

    • winetrackerco

      Thanks for the thoughtful note Michelle. I’ll definitely check out Untappd. We have many of the features you described on our feature list to build out. I’ll be excited for you to try Winetracker.co out as they get built. 🙂

  • swm9

    I downloaded a number of wine apps like untappd, which is great for beer. But when I tried to add the bottle that I was loving right then, all of them would either add another of the same winery’s wines or make you type it all out (and I can do that in excel—if I was crazy). We need a wine app that actually takes a photo of the wine label, links it to that ACTUAL wine and lets you comment on what you like or don’t like about it. (If the wine is a different wine, i.e. reserve vs not, then why don’t they have a place where you can alter the wine name. They only let you alter the wine year.) One actually did find the correct wine and let me write notes, but it wanted to know how many I had because it wanted to store the info into my cellar… I love that, but I was drinking my last bottle and it wouldn’t list the info if I didn’t have any left in my cellar…. I would get more in my cellar if I could write notes about it. I just want an app that is friendly. Is that you?

    • winetrackerco

      Hi Swm9,

      Thanks for your comments. Very astute!

      I believe out of the gate Winrtacker.co will be 3 out of 4 of the things you mentioned and in the near future all 4!

      Re: “Your frustration around taking a photo of a wine and commenting on that actual wine. That is EXACTLY what Winetracker.co is all about. Take a photo, score it, add a comment about what you think.

    • winetrackerco

      Re: “…takes a photo and links it to the actual wine then let’s you comment on what you like or don’t like about it…”

      Winetracker.co is definitely the first part of that statement and then we will be adding automatic image recognition that takes YOUR photo and connect it to the actual wine in the database. You’ll then be able to automatically see things like the wisdom of the crowds score as well as special logic for recommendations etc. 🙂

    • winetrackerco

      Re: “… Making notes about wine in your cellar…”, and “….I just want an app that is friendly, is that you?”

      We built in the ability to comment on any wine you add into Winetracker.co whether it is added to your cellar, your wishlist, or you are drinking it right now.

      Winetracker.co is simple, easy to use, friendly, and fun. I think it will be just what you’re looking for! 🙂

  • winetrackerco

    Hello to everyone. The Winetracker.co web app is now launched. Give it a try and let me know what you think! I’d love your hands-on critique!

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